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Chinese Medicine

Telehealth | Healing with Chinese Medicine and Supplements

20 min consultation: $65

Telehealth is available for patients who would like to get consultation for Chinese herbs and supplements. 

Feel like your body and soul are not exactly connected?

Do you feel like you need more than a treatment? Or like you need treatment but are uncomfortable coming into a clinic? If so, Telehealth is for you!

Dr. Ueda-Lang can chat with you over a telehealth appointment and discuss your needs.

Chinese herbs and/or supplements can help you take time out from your busy day and begin to heal yourself the right way.

Chinese herbs and/or supplements will easily help rejuvenate your senses and invigorate your body. When your body is at optimum health, you make healthier choices, which results in a healthier life style.

Telehealth | Chinese Medicine: Our Clinic
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