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I have had both back and hip pain for over a year and I cannot take traditional anti-inflammatories so at times, the pain has been debilitating.  I decided to try acupuncture about 5 weeks ago and by the second week, I began to notice a difference.  My pain has been reduced and my mobility improved.  I have used acupuncture in the past but not all doctors are equally skilled at healing.  I believe Dr. Ueda-Lang has a true gift because she not only has the knowledge to heal but the compassion as well.  She listens to the patient, and she is clearly invested in being part of their journey to better health.  She also has great instincts about how to use a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs to reduce inflammation which is a large part of pain.  She is kind and genuine and caring and being around her alone makes me feel more hopeful. I highly recommend her to anyone who has been coping with long-term pain.


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